Love Local, Spend Local campaign

With the Love Local, Spend Local campaign we are asking our residents to make a conscious decision to spend a little extra every month with local businesses.
The idea is that a small change by many people makes a big difference. For example, if each adult in Broadland and South Norfolk spent an extra £5 a month with local shops and businesses, this would add £1 million per month to our local economy.  This small change in behaviour can make a big difference in supporting local businesses and jobs, and ensuring our high streets, shops and villages continue to offer us all great products and shopping experiences. The data behind this is on this website page

The campaign includes:

·         Opportunities to win a £50 voucher with a favourite independent business through regular social media prize draws during 2022

·         Social media campaign offering inspiration on local businesses and local products

·         Shops will be able to hand out free branded bags

·         Branded posters for shops are due for circulation

There are four stages to the campaign:
Return to High Street safely Fund (RHSSF) CAMPAIGN STAGE finishing by 31 March

1. Feb, March – your favourite local high street shop (Shop Local)

Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils funded CAMPAIGN STAGE

2. April, May, June – your favourite local independent business, with a Jubilee section (Business Local)

3. July, Aug, Sept – your favourite independent place to eat out (Eat Local)

4. Oct, Nov, Dec – your best local places for Christmas gifts and eating out (Christmas Local)

If you would like any campaign material or posters to share with your local businesses, or put up in public information boards, we can send them to you.

Please let us know via  [email protected] how many of the two below you would like and the best address for posting.

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