A140 Long Stratton: Hempnall Crossroads Junction

Please find the following documents attached for your information:
1. The Order
This allows the Traffic Authority (Norfolk County Council) to temporarily restrict or prohibit the use of a road and/or footpath.
2. The ‘Propose To’ Notice (PT)
This is the public Notice we must advertise at least seven days before making an Order.
3. The ‘Has Made’ Notice (HM)
This is the public Notice we must advertise within 14 days of making an Order.
Please note a new format is being introduced and for those looking for the plan, if a separate one is not attached, it can now be found on page 2 of the notices.
The proposed order comes into effect on the date shown. The date on the notices is when they will appear in the Eastern Daily Press. If we have to change any dates, we will let you know. If you have any questions about the order and notices, please contact Alison Wilton on (01603) 222591 or Jennifer Batten on (01603) 223673.
If you have any questions about the work, please contact the Area Highways Office on the number given on the notices.
Kind regards,
Jennifer Batten
Legal Officer
01603 223673
[email protected]

Long Stratton STRO2661 HM
Long Stratton STRO2661 PT
Long Stratton STRO2661 Order

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