St Mary’s, Redenhall

The services at St Mary’s for the next two months are as follows.

Sun   5 May   9.30 am Morning Prayer (BCP)
Sun 12 May   No service.  We join with Wortwell Chapel
Sun 19 May   6.00 pm Evening Prayer (CW)
Sun 26 May  11.00 am Morning Prayer (BCP)
Sun   2 June   9.30 am Holy Communion (CW)
Sun   9 June   Pentecost  No service.  We join with Wortwell Chapel
Sun 16 June   Trinity Sunday  6.00 pm  Evening Prayer (BCP)
Sun 23 June  11.00 am Morning Prayer (CW)

Latest News From St Mary’s

I would like to thank all those of you who came to the public meeting on 20 March to discuss the future of St Mary’s church.  It was a good meeting and we received a lot of sympathy and understanding regarding our decision to close the church.

However, there has been a lot of misunderstanding about when this will happen.  We remain open for the present.  As you will see from the above list of services, we are continuing as we are for the immediate future.  Any decision to close the church has to be approved by our diocesan bishop, and as many of you will know Bishop Graham has recently retired.  No decision will be made until a new bishop is in place, which may well not be until the autumn, and even then it will probably be several more months before any final decision is taken.

In the meantime the church stays open, so do drop in at any time to enjoy a beautiful place of quiet and peacefulness

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