Guide Dog in training

Dear Wortwell Mardlers,

I am dictating my letter to my human, Richard. I wanted to say hello to everyone, as I moved into the village in mid-January.

I am a black Labrador/ retriever cross puppy. I’m nearly eight months old. You might recognise me, as I wear a blue jacket when I take my human for a walk or training. I wear my jacket, as I am training to be a guide dog. I am learning to be a well-behaved dog, use trains and buses, go shopping and even go to restaurants, but I never have dinner there, as I have my own special food at home. I hope to qualify when I’m two years old, but I’ll have to go to a big school in London before that.

I like people to say “hello”, but my human likes me to sit first, then I can enjoy a tickle. I love going for walks and ‘free-runs’. I sometimes allow my human to take me to The Bell,
I enjoy the biscuits, and he likes the brown water!

As far as I know, I’m the only Guide Dog puppy living in East Anglia, so please say “hello” and help me to learn or come for a ‘free run’ together.

Woofs to all
Idris (and human, Richard)

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