South Norfolk Council discourages bonfires as they cause air pollution, upset neighbours and can damage health, particularly of children, older people, and those with breathing and heart conditions.

There are many ways to dispose of waste without burning it, including garden waste disposal through our garden waste  collection scheme and other items through our bulky waste collection service.

Most waste, including garden waste, is accepted free of charge at the Norfolk County Council Recycling Centres. There are several located across South Norfolk, please see the Norfolk County Council website to find your nearest recycling centre and check
their opening times.

If you do choose to have a bonfire at home, it is your responsibility to ensure it does not cause a statutory nuisance to neighbours.

The following precautions should be taken:

  • Notify your neighbours in advance so you can ensure your
    bonfire does not interfere with their activities, such as drying laundry and use of their garden
  • Ensure the bonfire is located as far from your neighbour’s
    properties as possible and away from trees, fences and
    anything that could catch fire
  • Burn only dry garden waste and never materials such as
    domestic waste, painted items, plastics, furniture, textiles or
    wet garden waste including leaves
  • Never use accelerants such as petrol to start your fire
  • Check the weather conditions and wind direction so that the smoke doesn’t blow into your neighbour’s properties or hang
    in the air on damp, still days
  • Supervise the fire at all times and ensure it is totally
    extinguished at the end.


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