As our climate continues to be unpredictable and therefore so does our weather, the parish Council in conjunction with SNDC are putting together an emergency plan.  I have volunteered myself, Julie Nutt, as the Co-ordinator, which will entail liaising with you, the community, to ensure that should an emergency occur, such as flooding, fire, power cut or fallen trees for example we can ensure that people in the community are safe and are being helped as necessary.  This is particularly so for the elderly and infirm residents.

For this to happen and to be successful I would need to know the names, locations and telephone numbers of vulnerable people and of people who could be called upon to assist either by providing First Aid, checking on neighbours, cook a meal for an elderly or infirm resident, provide emergency accommodation or even being able to provide a tractor, chain saw or 4X4 depending on the emergency and what is needed.

If you are interested in getting involved please call me on 01986 788163 or come and see me at the Jubilee celebrations at the Community centre on the 16th Sept.


The contents of the plan are subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please ensure that only people who will be on the distribution list will hold a copy of the Wortwell Community Emergency Plan and that the personal information it will contain, will only be only used in an emergency situation for the purpose in which it was collected.






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