As many of you know we have struggled for some years to establish with the authorities that we have a serious speeding issue involving drivers using our village as a rat run. Drivers appear to be from both inside and outside the village. The Parish Council has now been able to make a strong enough case to install a speed meter. This has been storing information on a mobile basis around the hot spots of the village, in both directions, in more than one place, for a number of weeks.

Sadly, the results are, frankly, shocking. Speeds up to 90+ have been recorded! Whilst this is very worrying and disappointing it is pleasing to finally have the hard evidence to allow us to take our case further with both the Highways and Police departments. Our objective is not to ‘catch’ motorists speeding (although some should be on a warning that this will happen). Our objective is rather to prevent the speeding from taking place at all. We will keep you posted of developments as we make progress to stamp out this dangerous and antisocial behaviour.

Councillor Leggett


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