Wortwell Parish Council is looking for a Tree Warden.  Tree Wardens are volunteers who work within their own parishes with support and help.

Tree Wardens are involved with activities like gathering information about trees, liaising with local people about tree preservation and conservation, and practical projects.  An example of a practical project is the planting carried out every year in conjunction with South Norfolk Council during National Tree Week, when the District Council provides Tree Wardens with tree/hedge plants they have requested to plant in their parishes.

All project work would be with the approval of the Parish Council.  If you have a love of trees and enthusiasm for the subject you may be the person we are looking for.

If you are interested, please contact the Clerk in writing, at Malt House, Low Road, Alburgh IP20 0BZ or [email protected]  telling us why you think this vacancy would interest you.                Jane Pearce—Clerk, Wortwell Parish Council

Jane Pearce – Clerk,   Wortwell Parish Council



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