Lawn care. After a generally mild Winter, grass has continued to grow. A light trim almost any time will help to improve its look and avoid the shock of a big cut in April. Many people tell me you will damage the grass, I don’t think so. Football, Rugby pitches, Golf courses are cut most weeks with no damage, just avoid any really severe frosty weeks. Check on moss, early Spring, before it turns dry is a good time to treat. People talk about feeding a lawn, I agree but keep Nitrogen additions to a minimum, to avoid too much lush growth.

Perennial Shrubs I believe these Shrubs also need feeding. Many have been in place for several years, a general feed like Growmore (NPK) always seems to improve new growth and flowering into the Spring.

A word of warning. Don’t be tempted to sow summer bedding  and vegetable seeds too early unless you want to heat them for weeks or months. Most plants like to grow quickly in good conditions whether in trays or in the soil, and they always catch up and overtake those that have had a difficult time early on. If you want to start planting now, try Broad beans, Parsnips and Sweet peas.

Wortwell Gardening Club.

We had a good year in 2015, with visits to Rose fields, Iris fields, garden centres, visiting speakers, Christmas wreath making course. etc. If you would like to join us for some interesting evenings, come along and meet us. Our first meeting of 2016 is March 3rd at Wortwell URC chapel at 7.30. If you would like more info give us a call on 789158.



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