2018 marks the end of World War I and there is now another opportunity to purchase the  ‘Wortwell World War Commemoration’ booklet, written by Allison Copeman in 2014.  The book is a fascinating eye-opener on those who gave their lives in both World Wars, and whose names can be seen on the Wortwell War Memorial by The Knoll, opposite the Wortwell Bell Inn.

Allison (who produces ‘The Mardler’ magazine that drops through your doors) spent a whole year researching for the book, and her hard work paid off. There is information about both the wars, backed up with plenty of interesting facts and recollections from Wortwell villagers of their own families’ experiences. The stories that Allison recounts are interesting and poignant – and very thought-provoking.

Wortwell World War Commemoration by Allison Copeman costs just £2.00, and is available direct via the Parish Clerk, email on this website.





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